Drones Help Growers Take the Guesswork Out of Late-Season Course Corrections

A Minnesota Corn Farmer Replaces Ground-Based Stand Counts with Data-Driven Insights from DroneDeploy and Agremo

Aug 2, 2017 · 7 min read
Corey Nohl, Above All Aerial

“As a farmer myself, I can see the benefit of flying my crops versus walking them, and making decisions based on computer analytics, rather than just opinions…Drones take the human error out of it.” —Corey Nohl, Above All Aerial

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Drone Data Gives Grower Detailed Picture of Crop Loss After Late Frost

In parts of Minnesota, this year’s cool spring temperatures kept the last frost in the fields longer than expected, which had a negative effect on corn germination. So when a local grower began to notice poor crop emergence across his eighty-acre field, he hired Corey to scout the area with his drone, hoping drone data could help him effectively assess the loss.

Drone Data Delivers Timely, Accurate Insights about Stand Count

This Agremo Insights report, submitted by Corey, reflects a field similar to the one discussed in this case study. (The 82.6-acre field shown in this report has a 7% stand loss. The 80-acre field Corey discusses in the case study had a 12% loss.)

“I printed off the report and met him at edge of field. We walked out and ground-truthed the map and he was very impressed. I handed him the map and he was making a decision right from there.” — Corey Nohl, on pairing DroneDeploy and Agremo

The report showed a 12% total stand loss. Weed pressure was minimal, only about 3%. To put this stand loss in perspective, Corey says a 2% loss is considered a perfect stand count, while an average field sees about a 5% total stand loss.

Drones Take the Guesswork Out of Crop Scouting

Map showing areas of stand loss in red. This map, also submitted by Corey, is related to the sample Agremo report shown above, but is similar to the case of the corn grower discussed here.

“It’s an awful feeling when you plant something and it doesn’t germinate. The farmer knew in the back of his mind that unless he was way off, he probably didn’t need to replant. But he wanted to be sure…What does it cost you not to know? It pays to know. Drones take the human error out of it. Now, it’s computer analytics making the decision.” — Corey Nohl

The greatest payoff for this corn grower was the peace of mind that came from being able to base an important crop management decision on a solid set of data. Sure, it’s impossible to quantify peace of mind. But talk to any farmer who has ever worried about his yields, and he’ll tell you: even though you can’t quantify it, peace of mind is worth every penny.

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