Drones in Agriculture: Putting Your Drone to Work in the Field This Season

Webinar Recap: Understanding Plant Health and Making Smarter Crop Management Decisions with DroneDeploy

The growing season is here. Which means that it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to use drones on the farm to gain better insights and improve efficiency. Last week, we held the second edition of our agriculture drone clinic series, “Crop Scouting and Field Analysis”. In the webinar, we dug into some of the key ways that you can use DroneDeploy’s software to analyze your fields and identify issues such as crop stress, pests, disease, and irrigation issues with drones.

If you missed the webinar, have no fear. Watch the full recording here.

Mapping Out a Seasonal Flight Plan for Your Crops

Developing a seasonal flight plan allows you to take a holistic view of your operations, and understand what’s needed in the coming weeks and months to ensure drones are used effectively during planting, growing, harvest, and beyond. Whether you’re establishing stand count, scouting crops, or making application decisions, drones provide you with valuable insights to fuel smart farming decisions all year long.

Neema Rashidee explores the value in developing a seasonal flight plan for mapping your fields

During the webinar, we walked the factors to consider when making a seasonal flight plan and discussed how to use yield, irrigation, and soil data to determine which fields are most at risk.

“In order to make crop decisions by compiling stand counts, assessing crop damage, or detecting pests, you really need to establish a baseline and understand what you’re working with. Creating a seasonal flight plan is the first step to doing this.” — Neema Rashidee, Customer Success Manager at DroneDeploy

Increase efficiency and ensure you’re flying the right crops at the right time by designing your flight plan now. Learn how to design your seasonal flight plan by watching the full webinar recording here.

Analyzing RGB and Near Infrared Imagery To Assess Plant Health and Detect Crop Variability

Drones make it possible to capture on-demand aerial imagery of your fields. This means you can analyze drone map data to better understand the health of your crops, spot problem areas, and take action quickly to remedy any issues before they spread.

“It’s all about spotting the variability in the field and determining if you can act on it.” — Kyle Miller, Agriculture Business Development at DroneDeploy

Kyle Miller walks through understanding the range of crop variability in your field detected with drone imagery

In precision agriculture, there are two common types of imagery used to detect crop variability: RGB and Near Infrared (NIR). Both RGB and NIR imagery can be extremely valuable throughout the growing season in conjunction with the VARI and NDVI plant health algorithms (read more in our guide to detecting crop variability). We break down everything you need to know to put these algorithms to use this season, including the differences between the two and advantages to each method.

Learn more about detecting crop variability with RGB and NIR imagery by watching the full webinar.

Interpreting Crop Variability to Make Smarter Crop Management Decisions

Kyle Miller was able to join the webinar from Iowa. Kyle has been flying corn and soybean fields since 2013. He shared his experience and success using drones and remote sensing techniques to make smarter crop management decisions.

Kyle Miller discusses how you can use your DroneDeploy data to generate variable rate prescriptions and make smarter crop management decisions

In the webinar, Kyle takes a look at the many ways you can use DroneDeploy’s platform to interpret the variability in your fields and work to determine variable rate prescriptions, understand soil and plant health, and utilize historical yield data with the assistance of common agriculture software. By analyzing real-time, in-season drone maps and exporting the data from DroneDeploy to external applications, you can create base maps of crops and generate prescriptions to apply fertilizer where and when it’s needed — taking the guesswork out of farming. This minimizes costs and maximizes yields.

“There are a variety of crop management decisions you can make from drone imagery to help increase the financial potential at the end of the year, or even now.” — Kyle Miller, Agriculture Business Development at DroneDeploy

Drones are changing agriculture. The insights provided by the average drone and standard camera can prove to be the best investment you make this season. Whether this is your first season using drones, or you’re a seasoned ag flyer, this webinar will have something for you. Watch the full recording here.

Leveraging the DroneDeploy App Market this Season

As we highlighted in our recent Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report, commercial drone use expanded rapidly over the past year, and as with any growing industry, an entire ecosystem of services has built up around it. With more than 40 apps currently available, the DroneDeploy App Market is rapidly becoming a hub in this ecosystem — fostering collaboration and innovation in the commercial drone industry.

A snapshot of some of the agriculture applications now available on the DroneDeploy App Market

This is the first season that you can take advantage of the agriculture apps and extend the capabilities of our platform. In the webinar, Neema dives into some of the most powerful agriculture apps now at your disposal such as Slantrange, AgriSens, Aglytix, and FarmSolutions.

Curious about the latest agriculture app additions to DroneDeploy’s App Market and how you can put them to use this season? Watch the full webinar recording to learn more.

If you’re considering the use of drones this season or seeking a more in-depth understanding of how you can extract value from your drone maps, look no further. This webinar covered a lot of information you can put to use right away on the farm. If you weren’t able to attend, make sure you check out the recording and review our additional resources below.

Where to Learn More

We recommend you check out some of our other agriculture resources to ensure you’re prepared for analyzing crops with drones this growing season.

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DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. Learn more at www.dronedeploy.com


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DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones.

DroneDeploy's Blog

DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. Learn more at www.dronedeploy.com

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