Product Release Wrap-Up May 2018

DroneDeploy releases organizational apps, improves Progress Photo reports, and adds support for custom coordinate systems

Over the past month, we’ve enhanced our platform capabilities to make drone data more accessible to our customers.

Read on to learn more about our improvement to organizational app deployments and Progress Photo reports, as well as our latest beta support for custom coordinate systems and export overlays.

Introducing Organizational Apps

You’re probably familiar with our App Market, which launched in 2016. It’s since grown to be the world’s largest drone data hub, with more than 75 public apps available across 10 different industries.

Our new organizational app functionality allows you to select any public app to be pre-loaded onto your organization’s DroneDeploy user accounts. This makes it simple for everyone on your team to be successful, without having to hunt down the latest apps.

Want to build a private app to meet your custom workflow? No problem. Our open APIs allow our you to create custom, private apps for your team right on top of our intuitive user interface — and deploy them through the App Market.Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage our platform to deploy custom apps for flight, analysis, and reporting within your organization? Organizational apps are available to our Enterprise customers.

Simplify Job Site Documentation with Improved Progress Photo Reports

Last month we released Progress Photos to simplify site documentation and reporting. It’s the first solution to automate visual site documentation throughout the life cycle of a project.

Create visual timelines and automated progress reports of your job site over time.

This month we improved the feature you can select your desired point of interest anywhere within the mission area and capture up to 16 photos of your site at once. Learn more.

Customize your desired point of view and add up to 16 locations to capture photos of your site.

Improved Accuracy and Annotation Reports

It’s essential to empirically validate the relative and absolute accuracy of your map data. With our accuracy report app, this data is now accessible to anyone in your organization. For even more transparency, download the PDF Annotation Report to create printable or sharable PDF documents of your drone maps + annotations.

Custom Coordinate Support Now in Beta

If you’re like many of our construction and surveying customers, you may need to export your DroneDeploy data into custom coordinate systems. Local coordinates make it easier to compare drone maps to design plans or operate in your custom coordinate system. We’re happy to announce that this feature is now available, and we’re accepting beta testers.

Exporting data into your custom coordinate system is simple. When you upload your images, provide a CSV file with the coordinates for your ground control points in two different systems — WGS84 (or another more familiar coordinate system for which there is an EPSG code), and your custom coordinate system. Then complete the GCP tagging process as normal, and we’ll process the map and use the two sets of coordinates to calculate the transformation between the two coordinate systems.

The transformation will then be applied when you export the map in the custom coordinate system. Check out our support documentation for more information and a step-by-step guide.

Interested in beta testing this new feature? Contact us.

In Beta: Export CAD Overlays on Top of Maps

Exporting a JPG of your map and carefully aligning CAD overlays in Bluebeam or other construction software can be tedious, time-consuming work. With our new overlay export capability, we make it easy. Now you can quickly export and print out a drone map with a CAD overlay of your site in minutes.

The new feature supports two-dimensional raster exports (PDF, Geotiff, & JPG) and will include any overlays displayed on your map. If you would like to hide overlays from your export, you will need to toggle them off on the data page.

Please note that overlay exports are not available for 3D or tiled exports.

Interested in participating in the beta program? Fill out this form.

Where to Learn More

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DroneDeploy's Blog

DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. Learn more at


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DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones.

DroneDeploy's Blog

DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. Learn more at

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