The ROI of Commercial Drones

What types of results should you expect from drones? Here’s a look at the numbers behind the drone data.

May 7, 2018 · 5 min read

Save Time and Drive Productivity with Faster Data Collection

Drones are quickly replacing traditional forms of data collection ranging from satellite and manned aircraft imagery, to manual inspection and measurements. Drones speed up the process and can cut anywhere from days to weeks off a project timeline.


ReconnTech recently used drones to map underground utility locations across more than 400 sites in California. Without drones, a technician typically completed between five and seven sites per day. Depending on the driving time between locations, drone mapping allowed a single tech to complete at least ten, and sometimes up to twenty, sites in a single day.

“By using drones…we have increased our field productivity by 50–75%.” –Chris Bartlett, Director of Technology at ReconnTECH
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Nelson Aggregates replaced ground-based survey teams with aerial surveys, resulting in a 95% reduction in staff hours. Read the case study.


In some cases, drones eliminate the need to send teams out into the field to gather data altogether. This was the case with Nelson Aggregates. The company replaced ground-based survey teams with aerial surveys completed by a single operator, resulting in a 95% reduction in staff hours — a total of 228 hours each year — and saved $28,500 across six quarry sites. Read the case study.

Reduce Costs and the Boost Your Bottom Line with Drone Insights

Team productivity is just part of the equation. At the simplest level, less time collecting and analyzing data reduces the resources required to complete a job. Digging deeper drone data can uncover issues before they become even more costly, saving companies much more than just time.

One industry seeing a big payoff from drone data is Agriculture.


One industry seeing a big payoff from drone data is Agriculture. By identifying pests, disease, and fertilizer issues, growers can stomp out problems before they get out of hand. Learn how catching an aphid infestation before it spread helped one farmer prevent nearly $60,000 in lost revenue. Read the case study.


But agriculture isn’t the only industry saving money with drone insights. Construction companies see results by leveraging drones throughout a project’s life cycle. Generating drone imagery to assist project management, planning, and even design. By having an in-house drone program, Choate Construction saved $1,100 per month managing a project with UAVs, or $7,700 over the entire project. Read the case study.

Improve Site Safety and Manage Risk with Drone Imagery

Safety is always top of mind for our customers. In industries such as construction, roofing, and mining, it is not uncommon for workers to face serious injury — or even death — daily. Seeking better ways to gather data and inspect job sites, companies increasingly turn to drones and mapping to improve overall safety for their workers.

Drones minimize the time spent inspecting dangerous areas such as roofs or construction sites, eliminating the need to put people at risk.

Where to Learn More

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  • Drone mapping saved Green Belt €150,000 during the purchase of a private forestry. Read the case study.

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