Using Drones to Capture Construction Progress Photos

Create an accurate visual timeline of your job site using DroneDeploy’s Progress Photos feature

Job site documentation is essential for every general contractor. Whether you need to share the state of a project with clients and stakeholders, monitor site changes over time, or dispute claims down the road—you’ll need to capture progress photos over the course of a project.

Drones are quickly becoming the go-to tool for job site documentation. And for a good reason: drones provide aerial perspectives, along with accurate visual data, to help your team make better decisions on the job site. They also save time and money, improve communication, and increase safety.

If you aren’t using drones to document site progress, it might be time to reconsider. Read on to learn how DroneDeploy’s newest tool, Progress Photos, can simplify progress tracking and reporting for your team.

Streamline Job Site Documentation

More than half of our construction customers use drones to take photos of their job site. But manually flying a drone to take individual corner shots of your project can be difficult — especially when you need to repeat this process week after week to document the latest changes.

Introducing Progress Photos from DroneDeploy

That’s where Progress Photos come in. It’s the first solution to automate visual site documentation throughout the life cycle of a project. Now you can plan automated drone photo flights from your desktop or mobile device, capture multiple points of interest on your site, and generate professional progress reports to share with customers and stakeholders in minutes.

With DroneDeploy, it’s easy to plan a photo flight, choose your points of interest, capture photos, and generate automatic photo reports to share with stakeholders and clients every week.

With photo missions, you can select your desired point of interest anywhere within the mission area and capture up to 16 photos of your site at once.

Choose a point of interest anywhere in your photo mission plan.

Progress Photos simplifies the photo capture and reporting process, so you can spend less time planning and flying and more time communicating with stakeholders and clients.

“Photo Flights from Drone Deploy opens a whole new environment to efficiently and effortlessly capture deliverables our clients have been asking for.” — Grant Hagen, VDC Manager at The Beck Group

Create Consistent Weekly Progress Photo Reports

It’s challenging to ensure progress photos shot manually are consistent week after week. Are the images taken from the same location? The same altitude? The same angle? That is where our automated photo missions come in. We have made it easy to repeat flights each week so that your progress photos and reports always look consistent.

Generate consistent photo reports each week of your job site.

Once you make your original flight plan, re-fly it each week to capture change over time. Once the drone lands, you can generate progress reports with the push of a button.

“In the past, other tools have proven difficult when onboarding new pilots and supporting my team. Progress Photos makes adoption and reporting site progress easy across McCarthy’s entire team.” — Ryan Moret, McCarthy Building Companies

Bring the Job Site Back to the Office

Keeping HQ updated on the happenings in the field has always been a challenge for project managers and superintendents. But we’ve made it easy to quickly generate progress reports that can be shared with stakeholders back at the office. Once you finish a photo flight, your progress report is ready to share in minutes—making it easy to communicate changes and keep colleagues informed.

Store All Your Drone Data in a Single Place

With DroneDeploy, you don’t have to worry about using multiple apps to fly, capture, process, and store your data. The entire workflow is possible within the DroneDeploy platform. Drone photos, maps, and 3D models are all stored in a single place and accessible anywhere — on any device — via the DroneDeploy cloud. This makes collaboration simple and keeps your team organized.

With our new feature, we’ve simplified site documentation. If you haven’t tried using drones to capture progress photos, give DroneDeploy a try. We know you’ll be impressed with the quality of data and how easy it is to document changes on your job site.

Where to Learn More

Get the full rundown on our Progress Photos solution by watching our latest webinar.
  • See how Choate Construction leveraged drone maps and photos to keep a 550,000 square-foot project on track and save $7,700 in the process.
  • DroneDeploy’s new construction solution has everything you need to get started with drones on the job site. Learn more by visiting our website.

Get Started with DroneDeploy

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DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. Learn more at


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DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones.

DroneDeploy's Blog

DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones. Learn more at

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